Advertise your business by wrapping your car

Mean Wraps - Vehicle Branding

Car wraps are a bold way to introduce your company to the world. An effective design that is eye-catching immediately delivers the most important information and facts about your business. Drivers on the roads around you will have only a few seconds to take in your car wrap design, so using a great design to strike a balance of being attention-grabbing but not too distracting is vital.

Cut to the chase.

Keep your design short because building name recognition is critical for small businesses. Your design of the company name is the most prominent aspect of the wrap. Prospective customers will understand what your business is about if you keep the design short and sweet. Your wrap should include two forms of contact, but the main purpose of the design is to get people to remember the company.

In addition to promoting brand awareness through your car wrap, make sure to keep up a strong SEO presence. If you can get your website to be the first result, when you do a search for your company name, prospective clients will find their way to you, too.

Be informative

Make your design clear and stand out. Promoting the name of your company is still top priority, but you’ll need to include a little more information. The design features should have a brief list to clarify what the business does. A flamboyant design is only good if its message is clear. Make sure people understand who you are and what you do in one glance with words, images or both.

Dare to go the distance.

When doing a car wrap design for your business it is the perfect opportunity to go big, such as, thinking to use large lettering and bright colors. The more compelling your design, the better it is for business. Remember, drivers have only a few seconds to take in the design. Obvious is superior.

Embrace the car designs that fully wrap over the vehicle, so that your company name and logo are visible from every single angle. Prominent wrap colors can be another way to draw attention to your car. This will make it more likely that other drivers will take notice of your car.

Wrap your cars and promote your business today go to Mean wraps for the quality wrap your vehicle deserves.