Benefits of Using Vehicle Graphics to Advertise Your Business

The primary intention of advertising is to grab public attention and elicit a conversation about a product or a service. The secret to effective advertising is not only to grab attention first but to make a lasting impression.  It’s frustrating to spend a lot of money advertising a product or service and then failing to have a direct and positive impact on sales.

Car wraps can bring a positive impact on product sales especially if the vehicle moves from one region to another or one town to another. The wrap is likely to grab many people’s attention especially if the wrap if attractive enough.

Why use vehicle graphics to advertise your business?

Using graphics to advertise doesn’t need a lot of money compared to other forms of advertising. Unlike billboards and other advertisements with demand consistent recurrent cost as long you advertise, it is easy to change a car wrap with less money. If a company vehicle is wrapped with bright and attractive colors, it’s likely to stand out from every other vehicle on the road. Public and other drivers on the road will notice a well- designed vehicle wrap hence grabbing their attention.  There is no doubt that you will reach a wide audience, unlike other forms whereby you have to cough up a lot of money and fail to reach the targeted customers.

The other importance of vehicle wrap is that it is non-aggressive advertising. Unlike radio ads, for example, vehicle wrap attracts public attention without disturbing. Potential customers can easily spot the vehicle without significant disturbance.

Vehicle wraps can be effective especially if you are advertising a local product or service. The wrap advertising can be used to naturally advertise a local service or a product to the local market.  Local advertising produces outstanding results, especially when you are advertising something which targets the local people.

For bigger companies, they can brand their vehicle with their product graphics.  Customers can easily spot the vehicle and ask for the product or service. For example, if it’s an ice cream vehicle and its branded, kids or any other people interested in the product can flag down the vehicle and buy ice cream.

Vehicle wrapping services in South Africa

If you are residing in South Africa and you need a car wrap don’t worry Mean Wraps can help you with vehicle wrap advertising with less cost.  If your company wants to permanent or slight changes to make it unique, Mean Wraps will do it. Mean Wraps can help you with passive marketing if your car or cars are out on a daily bases. They design memorable and professional branding car wraps designs that capture people’s attention.

The company has highly trained applicators to provide customers with an unmatched application. Its award-winning team is genuinely passionate to provide quality and value for money is the only option. Their Wraps range from corporate advertising to the guy who desires to design their motorbikes to sell ice cream.  Also, Mean Wraps only uses top quality vinyl from leading manufacturers such as 3M and Avery.

Use of vehicle Wraps in future remains to be one of the most cost-effective advertisement mediums.  The desire for advertisers to advertise without restrictions is pushing them to opt for car wrapping as the best option.

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6 Common Questions on Vehicle Wraps

How long does the vehicle wrapping process take?

Most of the time spent on vehicle wrapping is the development of the graphics design concept. How long this takes will depend on how much input and direction you provide as well as your response time. However, companies that offer vehicle wrapping can have concepts sent to you in a few days. After the graphic is approved, it is sent into production. This usually takes a few days. The wrap is then printed and dried, laminated and finally cut. The final stage of vehicle wrapping is the installation, this will take less than five days depending on how detailed and size of the graphic, vehicle and scheduling.

Can I remove the wrap at any stage?

Certainly. Wraps are applied to vehicles using pressure-sensitive adhesives and heat that is able to be reactivated and removed. The removal of vehicle wraps is quick and will not damage your vehicle.

What is the life expectancy of the vehicle wrap?

Usually, vehicle wraps stay on for around five years on a vehicle depending on care, conditions and treatment.

Can I wash my wrapped car with a pressure hose?

It is recommended to not wash the vehicle with a pressure hose after installation of vinyl. Most pressure washers result in a lifting of the vinyl as the incorrect use of water pressure is applied. Your wrap should be an investment to your advertising strategy and should be protected.

How do I look after my wrap?

Hand washing your vehicle is the best way to take good care of your wrap. Avoid using any high pressure washes and never use an ice-scraper. Sweep your windows off with a soft broom, this will cause no damage to the graphics placed on your windows.

Will the vinyl damage the paint?

No, the material that is used will protect your vehicles paint from minor scratches. Unless there was damage to your car previously or it has been repainted, vehicle wraps act as a protection against minor abrasions and small chips.


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The Unmentioned Advantages to Wrapping your Vehicle

Car wrapping is fast becoming the most popular alternative to spraying a vehicle, either when repairing bodywork damages, branding it, or simply changing up the vehicle’s style. There are numerous reasons why someone would choose to do it, and even more advantages that they can get out of it. The way in which wrapping benefits you will have a lot to do with why you opt for it, but there are a few major advantages to it that are shared across its applications.

Retaining the Value of your Vehicle

Vinyl wraps have a 3 to 5 year lifespan, and in that time, the undercoat of paint on your vehicle is being protected by it. This means that buy purchasing a new vehicle and immediately wrapping it with the design of your choice, you are also adding to the protection of its bodywork and paint. When it comes time to sell the vehicle, the wrapping can be removed to expose the body’s paint which will still pretty much be in mint condition, raising the resale value and aesthetics of the vehicle when the time comes to replace it.

A Cost Effective Form of Advertising

Wrapping is also an incredibly popular way for you to brand your car. You can setup a unique design that follows your corporate image, contains your logo and communicates your contact information. When you consider other advertising costs such as putting an ad on television or in a magazine, wrapping allows you to get a greater marketing reach, for a much longer time, and at far less of a cost.

Choices for Customisation

Even when not branding, your choices when customising your vehicle with wrapping are endless, and can add to the creation of a vehicle that is as unique as you are. There are many options with regards to colour, style and material used for wrapping, limiting your possibilities to your imagination alone.

Far Cheaper Than a Respray

Minor accidents that damage the paintwork on vehicles are not simply touched up, but to achieve an even colour tone over the entire car, it will need to be completely resprayed which can be incredibly expensive. Using wraps, you can match the replaced panel with the colour of the rest of your vehicle so that it fits seamlessly.

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Pros & Cons Of Using Wallpaper

Wallpaper Branding

Wallpaper designs or branding is a great way to bring all kinds of colors, textures, and patterns into any area, whether it is your office or home. Depending on the style of the design you choose, it can definitely be an eye catching element of any room. However, there are Pros and Cons to using wallpaper. Here are a few things below to keep in mind.



Most wallpaper will last 10 to 15 years Depending on how well the wallpaper is looked after. While most paints needs re-coating every 2 to 3 years. Its durability will be able to withstand wear and tear, particularly in very busy areas. Wallpaper can easily be cleaned with a wet sponge or cloth, with minimal effort.

Visual Appeal

While paint is really beautiful, it’s limited in that you can only paint one color on walls at a time. Using wallpaper allows you to be creative and have your design printed out beforehand. There are many different textures like, matt black, vinyl, embossed and many more that paint simply can’t create.

It’s Cost Effective

Normally wallpaper can have a high cost up front for the material and application. However, it’s cost effective when compared to buckets of paint, mainly because it lasts for such a long time. Wallpaper could well be the future as it can be environmentally friendly when compared to all the chemicals it takes to manufacture quality paints.


Removal Can Be Daunting

If you’ve ever had to remove wallpaper, you know exactly what we’re talking about in terms of being “Daunting”. Removing wallpaper is an endless and a seriously tiring process. If you are in need of removing wallpaper, we would highly recommend getting in touch with a branding and printing company to ensure that you have the right equipment and avoid destroying your walls.

It Can Be Difficult To Replace

Sadly, if you’re branding or wallpaper is damaged and you need to replace it and you looking for the same design, it may be difficult to find the same pattern depending on when you first installed it. Quit often, some designs are discontinued and this can make replacing it a difficult task.

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Pros & Cons of Vehicle Branding

Mean Warps - Vehicle Branding

Quality vehicle wraps can be an beneficial way of branding companies products or services and essentially making them into mobile advertisements on the road, but it is imperative to make sure that they are used in a good manner and that the right design and colours are being used. There are many advantages to using vehicle graphic designs, but there are also some potential down falls to take into account.


Visibility and attractive designs is the key advantage of vehicle branding. A vehicle or panel van displaying the company logo might be seen by hundreds of thousands of people daily, mainly if it spends a lot of time on the move or is parked in a well-known location. This fleet branding is particularly good at reaching a target audience in a specific area.

As well as being seen often, vehicle branding can also be one of the more cost-effective and affordable forms of advertising. The designs are very resourceful, with a variety of choices for colours, graphics and fonts, and a wide range of different types of finishes from matte to bright gloss. Motorists are more likely to notice and read the information that they see around them but yet this has to be attractive and eye catching. The message is often strong enough to be remembered later.


One of the disadvantages of vehicle branding is that the initial cost can be high depending on the size of the design and type of wrap. This is why it is important to consider whether wrapping your fleet will be right for a particular company before using your marketing budget on wraps. It is also worth considering how long the fleet is likely to remain in use and whether the design has the necessary quality to withstand the elements. Vehicle wraps are mainly use for a vehicle that will be in use for years to come and not a short term investment.


Another inevitable problem is that even the most durable wraps will eventually begin to show signs of breakage and scuffs. Designs can become worn and faded over time, and there is also the risk that leaving them on the fleet too long will cause them to adhere to the surface and may damage the vehicle paint. This could make it difficult to remove the branding cleanly when the car is to be sold or repainted.

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The world of Mean Wraps

Advertising is diverse world of getting your brand and message to the rest of the world. And through advertising and marketing there are so many means to know who your consumer is, to know how to reach them and to actually reach your audiences. The more creative and unique, as well as a great design leave lasting impressions on their consumers, which starts a chain of reaction where the audience actually engages with the brand and utilises their products and services.

Branding Solutions

It is no secret that there are so many different platforms to reach your desired audience, some work better than others, but that depends on who the audience is and what the message is. However, there are some more versatile means of reaching that audience. With our varying branding services, it is sure to get your business out there and attracting your desired audience while leaving as lasting impression.  Mean Wraps specialises in wrapping and branding vehicles, and that is a mobile billboard, which offers a fantastic addition to a campaign or just simple advertising for your brand. 


A Branded Vehicle

A branded vehicle offers the most interesting addition to marketing because you are taking the advertisement to the audience, and it is still a platform where they are not unconsciously ignoring traditional advertising. A branded vehicle, such as a car, or a bike or even a water vehicle brings your brand to light and bringing a splash of colour to and everyday occurrence, such as traffic, or parking lots. A great way to increase the reach of wrapped branding could be by coupling it with digital marketing or influencer marketing. 

More than Just Branding

However, Mean Wraps offers more than just wrapping and branding, there is the availability of decals. With the addition of a decal to your car or boat, or even bike, it adds that personal touch to the vehicle. Decals continue to add the aesthetic appeal to any great car, or bike. The only limit is the imagination and with the right design, it can take any car to new heights in a way that isn’t standardly seen.    

To Find Out More

Mean Wraps offer a wide variety of branding services that allow your business to have a great presence in the eye of your consumers. The services that are offered include: vehicle branding, business signage and branding, branded wall paper, creative spray painting, digital branding solutions, promotional and corporate clothing and gifts. There are offices in Johannesburg as well as in Centurion.

Importance of signage in a business

Mean Wraps - Business Signage

Importance of signage in a business

If you run or are planning to start your own business, an important thought is how you plan to use signage branding. An original, engaging sign can help your business standout apart from your competition. Potential customers are more likely to purchase from a business they have already heard of or seen an interesting sign about your business, so by having signage you plant the seed before any acknowledgement about your company.


Signage and branding, serves as a form of silent sales rep for your business. External signs draw attention to your place of business and help distinguish it from others within the city. Interior signage help customers locate products or services and can lead to urge sales when added to specials branding. Signage serves as a pre-sale link between a business and its potential customers.


Outdoor signage can be mounted on the ground or mounted on a building. Signage on the ground can take on a variety of shapes and sizes, and are normally mounted near a road side to attract the attention of passing vehicles. Signage mounted on buildings is attached to the wall of a business and may be useful in areas where pedestrian are frequently going about their day, such as a busy main roads or a shopping centre.


For companies that have limited marketing budget, signage can be an affordable form of marketing. Signage can also be effective for elsewhere use to inform any potential customers. Strategically placed around town or residential areas billboards can convey a brief message to passing motorists. You can also place magnetic signage on the side of your fleet of vehicles to serve as a form of mobile advertising as well as pay other family and friends to place signs on their own vehicles for even more reach.

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The Advantages of Vehicle Branding for your Marketing Campaign

Mean Wraps - Advertising

In today’s competitive marketing environment, campaign managers are on a constant lookout for advertising techniques that make their image stand out against the background of noisy messages being imposed by billboards, the internet and television. Grabbing the attention of your target audience is getting more challenging by the day; which is why many savvy marketing consultants the country over recommend branding company vehicles to get your company image out while on the go.

Vehicle branding is nothing new, and you’ve likely had your eye caught by a car or two as you drive about on your daily activities. This is proof of the effectiveness of this medium; but if that is not enough to convince you, then here are a few incredible benefits to branding your car.

Passive marketing

Your company cars are out and about on a daily basis, which makes them the perfect vehicle for advertising (if you’ll excuse the pun). How many people do you think take a look at your car on a daily basis? Of course if there is nothing memorable about it, these people will simply forget that they passed you. If, however, your car is wrapped with professional branding, you are relaying your brand to passers-by without doing much more than going for a pleasant drive.

Cost-effective advertising

A vinyl wrap on your car will cost you a fraction of what most other advertising mediums will, partly due to the reasonable cost of car wrapping, while other costs associated with the process of advertising are also cut. Billboard rentals and television air-time can be immensely expensive, so much so to be out of reach for small businesses. Vehicle branding on the other hand, fills this gap admirably.

Spreading brand awareness

A car will travel much further than a billboard or flyer, which means that it enables communication with a wider target audience by covering more areas. Instead of relying on a billboard to attract the attention of potential customers in a specific area, a wrapped car will be able to spread your message further, in a clearer fashion, and to greater effect.

Marketing restrictions! What restrictions?

If something about your company image is not easily marketable due to marketing taboos and restrictions, you might find that sourcing a communicative medium is more of a challenge than you thought. The good news is that your car is your property, which means that many of these marketing restrictions can be bypassed according to your preference (within reason of course), which makes it ideal for industries that are limited by restrictions on traditional advertising mediums.

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Advertise your business by wrapping your car

Mean Wraps - Vehicle Branding

Car wraps are a bold way to introduce your company to the world. An effective design that is eye-catching immediately delivers the most important information and facts about your business. Drivers on the roads around you will have only a few seconds to take in your car wrap design, so using a great design to strike a balance of being attention-grabbing but not too distracting is vital.

Cut to the chase.

Keep your design short because building name recognition is critical for small businesses. Your design of the company name is the most prominent aspect of the wrap. Prospective customers will understand what your business is about if you keep the design short and sweet. Your wrap should include two forms of contact, but the main purpose of the design is to get people to remember the company.

In addition to promoting brand awareness through your car wrap, make sure to keep up a strong SEO presence. If you can get your website to be the first result, when you do a search for your company name, prospective clients will find their way to you, too.

Be informative

Make your design clear and stand out. Promoting the name of your company is still top priority, but you’ll need to include a little more information. The design features should have a brief list to clarify what the business does. A flamboyant design is only good if its message is clear. Make sure people understand who you are and what you do in one glance with words, images or both.

Dare to go the distance.

When doing a car wrap design for your business it is the perfect opportunity to go big, such as, thinking to use large lettering and bright colors. The more compelling your design, the better it is for business. Remember, drivers have only a few seconds to take in the design. Obvious is superior.

Embrace the car designs that fully wrap over the vehicle, so that your company name and logo are visible from every single angle. Prominent wrap colors can be another way to draw attention to your car. This will make it more likely that other drivers will take notice of your car.

Wrap your cars and promote your business today go to Mean wraps for the quality wrap your vehicle deserves.

Benefits of wrapping your car

Benefits of wrapping your car

The cost of a high quality paint job can burn a hole in your savings pocket, whereas a professionally installed wrap with the highest quality materials will cost a fraction of the price you’d normally pay for a paint job. The wrap will have a life expectancy of 4-10 years vinyl depending. Car owners can choose to wrap their vehicle for as long or little as you desire.

Wrapping your car won’t affect the resale value, because of it being able to maintain the manufacturers’ original paint. Keeping the resale intact compared to a devalued aftermarket paint job. If your preference is for instance a bright exotic color, it may not be your potential buyers’ favorite color. Having the option to keep your vehicles original factory color will allow you to keep your resale value intact; no matter what color you wrap your car in.

Once you purchased your vehicle you may have wanted something different, or possibly a color that is not obtainable in factory paint. This is where car wraps will allow all of your car fantasies to come to life. You will be able to stand out from all of the other cars on the road and have a truly one of a kind vehicle that suits your personality and lifestyle. If after a few years you are looking for change once again, just have it removed and choose a new color. Change your vehicle wrap every few years and keep everyone intrigued as to what color you’ll do next.

When choosing to paint your vehicle you are allowing yourself to be devoid of transportation for up to two weeks; if not longer. Whereas, when it comes to wrapping a vehicle, you’ll have your car fully transformed within a few days and ready to be picked back up in no time. Don’t leave yourself stranded, wrap it and get on your way in no time at all.

Every wrapped inch of your vehicle is protecting your factory paint from all natural hazards, weathering and prolonged sun exposure. Vehicle wrap vinyl is a very durable 3mil thick material and will act as a shield against environmental damage. Wrap your car and say goodbye to stone chips, abrasions, and other natural hazards.

Maintenance is easy with a wrapped car and will look brand new, once again, from only hand washing with soap and water. Paint jobs require constant waxing for your vehicle, it can become very tolling. Wrap your car and enjoy never having to wax your vehicle again. Be sure to ask your installer about specialty quick feature sprays and ceramic coating packages to keep the film even easier to care for!

High quality vinyls ensure a long lasting product that can also be safely removed. A wraps life is highly affected by the extended periods of time it is left outside in the sun causing it to fade quicker. Keeping your vehicle in the garage will allow you to make the most of your wraps life. The vehicle wrap may be removed safely between the 4 to 10 year period and will NOT affect your current paint.

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