Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Wrapping: Your Company’s Best Advertising Formula

Investing in vehicle wrapping for your company will most certainly prove beneficial. A ‘moving billboard’ will provide a wider audience range viewing your product and thus increasing your sales. As your company cars drive around town completing their various tasks – your brand is advertised to anyone that is in that area. Eye-catching vinyl will …

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Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Vehicle Wrapping services are becoming very popular and is the alternative route in spray painting your vehicle. Whether you want to change the colour, style or just want to make your car look unique we do it all here at Mean Wraps. Wraps can range from corporate advertising to a smoking hot car, and is …

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HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO WRAP A VEHICLE? Fitting vehicle wrapping into your schedule can be a little complicated. There is quite a process involved (and it isn’t something you want to rush), and to make matters worse, you likely really, really need to have your car available. It’s not like you can leave …

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