Importance of signage in a business

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Importance of signage in a business

If you run or are planning to start your own business, an important thought is how you plan to use signage branding. An original, engaging sign can help your business standout apart from your competition. Potential customers are more likely to purchase from a business they have already heard of or seen an interesting sign about your business, so by having signage you plant the seed before any acknowledgement about your company.


Signage and branding, serves as a form of silent sales rep for your business. External signs draw attention to your place of business and help distinguish it from others within the city. Interior signage help customers locate products or services and can lead to urge sales when added to specials branding. Signage serves as a pre-sale link between a business and its potential customers.


Outdoor signage can be mounted on the ground or mounted on a building. Signage on the ground can take on a variety of shapes and sizes, and are normally mounted near a road side to attract the attention of passing vehicles. Signage mounted on buildings is attached to the wall of a business and may be useful in areas where pedestrian are frequently going about their day, such as a busy main roads or a shopping centre.


For companies that have limited marketing budget, signage can be an affordable form of marketing. Signage can also be effective for elsewhere use to inform any potential customers. Strategically placed around town or residential areas billboards can convey a brief message to passing motorists. You can also place magnetic signage on the side of your fleet of vehicles to serve as a form of mobile advertising as well as pay other family and friends to place signs on their own vehicles for even more reach.

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