Pros & Cons of Vehicle Branding

Mean Warps - Vehicle Branding

Quality vehicle wraps can be an beneficial way of branding companies products or services and essentially making them into mobile advertisements on the road, but it is imperative to make sure that they are used in a good manner and that the right design and colours are being used. There are many advantages to using vehicle graphic designs, but there are also some potential down falls to take into account.


Visibility and attractive designs is the key advantage of vehicle branding. A vehicle or panel van displaying the company logo might be seen by hundreds of thousands of people daily, mainly if it spends a lot of time on the move or is parked in a well-known location. This fleet branding is particularly good at reaching a target audience in a specific area.

As well as being seen often, vehicle branding can also be one of the more cost-effective and affordable forms of advertising. The designs are very resourceful, with a variety of choices for colours, graphics and fonts, and a wide range of different types of finishes from matte to bright gloss. Motorists are more likely to notice and read the information that they see around them but yet this has to be attractive and eye catching. The message is often strong enough to be remembered later.


One of the disadvantages of vehicle branding is that the initial cost can be high depending on the size of the design and type of wrap. This is why it is important to consider whether wrapping your fleet will be right for a particular company before using your marketing budget on wraps. It is also worth considering how long the fleet is likely to remain in use and whether the design has the necessary quality to withstand the elements. Vehicle wraps are mainly use for a vehicle that will be in use for years to come and not a short term investment.


Another inevitable problem is that even the most durable wraps will eventually begin to show signs of breakage and scuffs. Designs can become worn and faded over time, and there is also the risk that leaving them on the fleet too long will cause them to adhere to the surface and may damage the vehicle paint. This could make it difficult to remove the branding cleanly when the car is to be sold or repainted.

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