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In previous articles, we have spoken about the positive impacts and measurable effects that vehicle wrapping can have on a brand. Today, we take it to the racetrack in an attempt to find out why drivers brand their performance vehicles and what weight this might carry for their sponsors as well as the overall performance of their wheels. 


When it comes to the world of motorsports, experts have referred to sponsorship as “the lifeblood of the sport.” In essence, the relationship is one that is symbiotic in nature. Teams and drivers have the benefits of a brand investing in them and their vehicles, whilst that brand has the opportunity to gain exposure, appeal to passionate fans and gain brand loyalty. This is also one of the reasons that vehicles are wrapped. Wraps provide an excellent way to display endorsement and gain brand exposure in a manner that looks professional. 

The Wrapping Technology

A professional style and finish is essential in order to uphold the sponsored brand’s name effectively, which may be one of the reasons motorsports are moving away from traditional paint technology to more precise vehicle wrapping applications. Wrapping has a result that is smooth, flawless and able to stick professionally to the various curves and contours of a vehicle. The wrap system is an incredibly innovative one that allows little room for error when representing a brand. 


Performance is the crux of motorsports and sharpening performance is the pursuit of every motorsport team. From aerodynamics, torque and horsepower to tyre traction, precision braking and better shock-absorption, tweaking and modifying functionalities make all the difference on the race-track. Vehicle wrapping is popular because its smooth application means that it does not affect aerodynamics or the capacity for speed negatively in any way.

Wrap Your Vehicle Professionally

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