The Unmentioned Advantages to Wrapping your Vehicle

Car wrapping is fast becoming the most popular alternative to spraying a vehicle, either when repairing bodywork damages, branding it, or simply changing up the vehicle’s style. There are numerous reasons why someone would choose to do it, and even more advantages that they can get out of it. The way in which wrapping benefits you will have a lot to do with why you opt for it, but there are a few major advantages to it that are shared across its applications.

Retaining the Value of your Vehicle

Vinyl wraps have a 3 to 5 year lifespan, and in that time, the undercoat of paint on your vehicle is being protected by it. This means that buy purchasing a new vehicle and immediately wrapping it with the design of your choice, you are also adding to the protection of its bodywork and paint. When it comes time to sell the vehicle, the wrapping can be removed to expose the body’s paint which will still pretty much be in mint condition, raising the resale value and aesthetics of the vehicle when the time comes to replace it.

A Cost Effective Form of Advertising

Wrapping is also an incredibly popular way for you to brand your car. You can setup a unique design that follows your corporate image, contains your logo and communicates your contact information. When you consider other advertising costs such as putting an ad on television or in a magazine, wrapping allows you to get a greater marketing reach, for a much longer time, and at far less of a cost.

Choices for Customisation

Even when not branding, your choices when customising your vehicle with wrapping are endless, and can add to the creation of a vehicle that is as unique as you are. There are many options with regards to colour, style and material used for wrapping, limiting your possibilities to your imagination alone.

Far Cheaper Than a Respray

Minor accidents that damage the paintwork on vehicles are not simply touched up, but to achieve an even colour tone over the entire car, it will need to be completely resprayed which can be incredibly expensive. Using wraps, you can match the replaced panel with the colour of the rest of your vehicle so that it fits seamlessly.

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