Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Wrapping: Your Company’s Best Advertising Formula

Investing in vehicle wrapping for your company will most certainly prove beneficial. A ‘moving billboard’ will provide a wider audience range viewing your product and thus increasing your sales. As your company cars drive around town completing their various tasks – your brand is advertised to anyone that is in that area. Eye-catching vinyl will most definitely capture the attention of onlookers as they read your advertisements on your very own company vehicles.

What is vehicle wrapping?

High-quality vinyl is placed over the car’s bodywork, printed with the advert of your choice. Advertisements can be placed on your cars bodywork and even windows and can include almost any design you see fit for your company. Your company’s car fleet can be covered in just under a week with high-quality vinyl which protects the original paintwork. Depending on the design and size of the area you want to be wrapped, wrapping usually takes about two to three days and a few extra days is required for the wrapping to dry. Removal is quick and does not damage your vehicle as pressure-sensitive adhesives allow for reactivation and removal of the vinyl.

What makes Vehicle Wrapping the best advertising formula?

 The long life span of a vehicle wrap makes this an ideal investment for your company  – a one-shot advertisement that can work its magic for up to five years. The vinyl used for the vehicle wrapping can be removed at any stage should you need to adjust a product or telephone number being advertised. Long gone are the days of a static billboard that requires rent and upkeep. Vehicle wrapping is proving time and time again to be the way forward for company advertising. A quick process costing your company one week of prep work for an almost five-year-long mobile advertisement shows the beneficial effects of vehicle wrapping. This mobile advertisement translates into many potential customers taking note of your company – even when your employees are stuck in traffic, the vehicle wrap never stops advertising.

Who should I use?

To give your company the next step in advertising, visit the professional team at Mean Wraps who provide high-quality vehicle wraps on their website or at 011 472 6370.

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