The world of Mean Wraps

Advertising is diverse world of getting your brand and message to the rest of the world. And through advertising and marketing there are so many means to know who your consumer is, to know how to reach them and to actually reach your audiences. The more creative and unique, as well as a great design leave lasting impressions on their consumers, which starts a chain of reaction where the audience actually engages with the brand and utilises their products and services.

Branding Solutions

It is no secret that there are so many different platforms to reach your desired audience, some work better than others, but that depends on who the audience is and what the message is. However, there are some more versatile means of reaching that audience. With our varying branding services, it is sure to get your business out there and attracting your desired audience while leaving as lasting impression.  Mean Wraps specialises in wrapping and branding vehicles, and that is a mobile billboard, which offers a fantastic addition to a campaign or just simple advertising for your brand. 


A Branded Vehicle

A branded vehicle offers the most interesting addition to marketing because you are taking the advertisement to the audience, and it is still a platform where they are not unconsciously ignoring traditional advertising. A branded vehicle, such as a car, or a bike or even a water vehicle brings your brand to light and bringing a splash of colour to and everyday occurrence, such as traffic, or parking lots. A great way to increase the reach of wrapped branding could be by coupling it with digital marketing or influencer marketing. 

More than Just Branding

However, Mean Wraps offers more than just wrapping and branding, there is the availability of decals. With the addition of a decal to your car or boat, or even bike, it adds that personal touch to the vehicle. Decals continue to add the aesthetic appeal to any great car, or bike. The only limit is the imagination and with the right design, it can take any car to new heights in a way that isn’t standardly seen.    

To Find Out More

Mean Wraps offer a wide variety of branding services that allow your business to have a great presence in the eye of your consumers. The services that are offered include: vehicle branding, business signage and branding, branded wall paper, creative spray painting, digital branding solutions, promotional and corporate clothing and gifts. There are offices in Johannesburg as well as in Centurion.