Mean Wraps™, vehicle branding forces people to look! A Mean wrapped vehicle is a billboard on wheels and is one of the most efficient and effective ways to market your business.

Mean Wraps™ Branded vehicles have no limits, just about any design imaginable can be wrapped onto a vehicle. To the guys at Mean Wraps™ quality is the only option! We have a fully qualified award winning team who are truly passionate about not just cars but bikes, trucks and boats. Everyone on the Mean Wraps team takes great pride, in providing our clients with the best possible end result. 

Our wraps range from corporate advertising to the guy with that insanely hot car that just drove past you. We only use top quality vinyl from leading manufacturers such as 3M and Avery. The materials are carefully selected according to the wrap specifications. 

All Mean Wraps Applicators have been extensively trained to provide an unmatched application. Our wraps do not simply just end on door linings… nope!! We go deeper to the point where your buddy asks: “who sprayed this for you?” The whole team is riddled with petrolheadz and motorsport fanatics, therefore it’s no wonder that we’re so competitive, we do not settle for second place in any regard and we guarantee you that your experience with us will be second to none.

Common Questions on Vehicle Wraps

How long does the vehicle wrapping process take?​

How long this takes will depend on how much input and direction you provide as well as your response time. The final stage of vehicle wrapping is the installation, this will take less than five days depending on how detailed and size of the graphic, vehicle and scheduling.

Can I remove the wrap at any stage?​

Certainly. Wraps are applied to vehicles using pressure-sensitive adhesives and heat that is able to be reactivated and removed. The removal of vehicle wraps is quick and will not damage your vehicle.

What is the life expectancy of the vehicle wrap?​

Usually, vehicle wraps stay on for around five years on a vehicle depending on care, conditions and treatment.

Can I wash my wrapped car with a pressure hose?

It is recommended to not wash the vehicle with a pressure hose after installation of vinyl. Most pressure washers result in a lifting of the vinyl as the incorrect use of water pressure is applied. Your wrap should be an investment to your advertising strategy and should be protected.

How do I look after my Wrap?

Hand washing your vehicle is the best way to take good care of your wrap. Avoid using any high pressure washes and never use an ice-scraper. Sweep your windows off with a soft broom, this will cause no damage to the graphics placed on your windows.

Will the vinyl Damage the Paint?

No, the material that is used will protect your vehicles paint from minor scratches. Unless there was damage to your car previously or it has been repainted, vehicle wraps act as a protection against minor abrasions and small chips.
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